Who we are

The Owners Corporation Network (ACT) (OCN) is an organisation set up to help unit owners and Owners Corporations (OC's) avoid problems such as breaching body corporate rules or obligations; and to help resolve issues such as getting building defects rectified. We aim to improve the standards of management of OC's.

OCN is a volunteer-run association registered under the Associations Incorporation Act. Our membership is open to individual unit owners and to OC's.

The overall objectives of the OCN are defined in our Rules of Association and are as follows:

"To provide a forum for members of Owners Corporations registered under the Unit Titles Act to share information on the effective operation of such corporations, and to provide a coordinated representative voice in discussion with other stakeholders in the development and operation in the Unit Titles living sector, complementing but not replacing the core functions of each Owners Corporation in the management of individual Body Corporates."

In pursuit of those objectives, the OCN:

  • Represents the interest of owners and residents in OC's to the ACT Government at political, policy, and administrative levels, and participates in related reviews and policy development.

  • Represents the interest of owners to the OC's management sector with a view to better matching the services it provides to those that OC's need and are entitled to expect.

  • Provides informed advice to body corporate owners about their statutory rights and obligations.

  • Assists body corporate owners when they are making formal complaints to regulators and, if necessary, adjudicators.

Please note that the OCN is not associated with, or affiliated to, any organisation representing real estate or property management interests.

Rules of Association

The Rules of Association are rules that define how the OCN must operate as an organisation.

Our rules are based on the model rules set out in the Associations Incorporation Act, however they are customised to suit the particular needs of the OCN. These rules were formally adopted at the general meeting held on the 14th March 2009 and were registered on the 30th March 2009.